RULES and Regulations

1. When you enter PBI Ride Farm you do so entirely at your own risk.
2. All riders and visitors must read and obey all signs.
3. Motorcycle/ATV riding is dangerous and can lead to damaged machinery, serious injury, or worse. Please ride within your limits, to the conditions, and respect other riders and the environment.
4. When you enter PBI Ride Farm you are exposed to numerous risks and dangers. You must accept the venue as it stands with all or any defects hidden or exposed.
5. These rules and requirements are designed to protect all customers by providing an ‘as safe as practical’ environment for them to enjoy riding motorcycles/ATVs. When you enter PBI Ride Farm, you acknowledge that you will obey all rules.
6. All riders must sign in and complete an indemnity form before receiving a wrist band allowing access to the tracks. Riders found riding who haven’t done this will be immediately evicted from the venue.
7. Motorcycles/ATV will be noise tested, and any motorcycle that does not comply with the relevant noise limits shall not be allowed to operate at the facility.
8. All riders are required to wear full safety gear including; national standards approved helmet, goggles, gloves, motocross boots, long pants and a long sleeve top.
9. Helmets must be worn at all times when operating a motorcycle/ATV and when on the tracks.
10. Riders must ensure their bike is in good mechanical condition.
11. Tear offs are strictly prohibited.
12. No dinking.
13. Refueling is allowed only in the car park and environmental mats must be used. If you don’t have an environmental mat, they can be purchased at the sign in area.
14. Motorcycles/ATVs are only permitted for use in designated areas. They are not permitted to ride in the carpark.
15. All tracks are single direction only.
16. When entering the tracks, make sure you give way to riders already on the track.
17. Do a sighting lap to familiarise yourself with the track before picking up speed.18. Jumping is not recommended, but if you do so, jumping is at your own safety and risk.
19. Be careful and considerate of other riders when overtaking.
20. Riders need to be aware of and respect other riders with potentially varying skill levels and bike capacity.
21. When riding, motorcycles/ATVs must stay on the tracks at all times unless in case of emergency.
22. Any instruction given to you by a PBI Ride Farm employee must be obeyed.
23. Drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden. If anyone is suspected to be under the influence they will be asked to leave.
24. In the event of an accident:
- The first rider to come across a fallen rider must stop and ensure the rider is okay.
- The second rider to come across a fallen rider must stop and ensure oncoming bikes are warned of the accident and are kept clear.
- If necessary, send for help.
25. PBI Ride Farm has absolute discretion as to whether or not an ambulance service is called upon on behalf of the participant as agreed upon signing the indemnity form.
26. If a PBI Ride Farm employee suspects that you are injured, concussed, or otherwise unsafe to ride on the tracks, they have the right to suspend your riding privileges immediately.
27. PBI Ride Farm is a place for people to meet and enjoy their riding experience. Abusive behaviour, aggressive riding, bullying or harassment in any form will not be tolerated and will result in immediate eviction from the park.
28. It is the rider/parent/guardian responsibility to sign in and out of the park, complete the indemnity form, and notify PBI Ride Farm staff of any injuries or issues incurred while on site.
29. All incidents must be reported to a PBI Ride Farm staff member immediately.

We have a strict NO DOG policy - guide dogs excepted. 



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